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About Us
The Travellers' Union can add a unique ambience to your event by providing direct audience interaction in whatever motif you choose, using elaborately costumed actors and musicians. The following include some of the popular themes that we offer.
Gypsies - Fortune telling, gypsy songs and music, stories, and beautiful gypsy women in a Renaissance, Victorian, or modern time periods.
Irish - Music and stories of Ireland, Ceili and Irish step dancing, rollicking bawdy songs and sweet love songs, in early or modern time periods.
Pirates - Interactive treasure hunts, sea shanties, and rough and tumble mariner dispositions in Renaissance or Victorian time periods.
Renaissance - Lusty bar maids, roaming minstrels, masked revels or simple peasants complete with music, song and dance.
Victorian - Upper class British or lower class Cockney, bawdy and risque songs, as well as decent, clean, and refined ones.
For outdoor venues, many themes can come with an appropriate encampment area to help make the illusion complete.
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