Songs > Whiskey in the Jar

Whiskey in the Jar

C                           Am
As I was a-walkin upon Kilgarry mountain 
F                                           C                    G
I met Captain Farrell and his money he was countin'
C                                     Am
First I drew me pistol and then I drew me rapier, sayin'
F                                   C                  G
"Stand and deliver, for I am your bold receiver"

With a duram duram dah
Whack fol the daddy oh
Whack fol the daddy oh
            C          G       C
There's whiskey in the jar

I robbed him of his money and it made a pretty penny
I took all his money and I took it home to Jenny
She swore that she loved me and never would she leave me
But the devil's in that woman and she always will lie easy

I was awoken, twas between six and seven
And soldiers did surround me in numbers odd and even
I flew to my pistol, but I was mistaken
For Jenny had my pistol and a prisoner I was taken

They threw me in prison without a script for writing
For robbin Captain Farrell upon Kilgarry Mountain
But they didn't take my fist and knocked the sentry out
And I bid a fond farewell to that jail in Sligo town

Some take delight in the ceili and the bowling
Others take delight in the carriages a-rolling
But I take delight in the juice of the barley 
And courting pretty fair maids in the morning bright and early