Songs > Stingo


Dm                  C                         Dm      C         Dm
There is a lusty liquor which good fellows used to make
Dm                      C                          Dm     C      Dm
It's made with the nard most rich and water of the lake
    F                C               Dm        C       Dm
Of hop a little quantity and barm to it they bring to
Dm                    C                    Dm        C    Dm
Barreled up they call't a cup of good old lusty sting-o

It is the cleverest alchemist that e're was in the land
Will turn your gold to silver in the turning of a hand
From gold into silver wan, from silver into brass
T'will make a boy become a man and a man become an ass

So give to me old barleycorn, more heedhis luscious vine
I have no mind much charm to find in potent draught of wine
Give me my native nut brown ale, all other drinks I scorn
For true English cheer is English beer, our good old barleycorn

Now to conclude here is a health unto the lad that spendeth
Let every man drink off his can and so our song it endeth
I willing am my friend to pledge for he will meet one day
Let's drink the barrel to the dregs for the malt man comes a-Monday