Songs > Ramble Away

Ramble Away

     Dm                                      C
As I was a going to Birmingham fair
   Dm                                        C
I met pretty Nancy combing her hair
   Dm                                                   C
I gave her a wink and she rolled a dark eye
   Dm                         C                 Dm
I said to myself Iíll be there by and by

So I watched and I watched all night in the dark
For to ask pretty Nancy to be my sweetheart
But all that she said when I saw her next day
Are you the young rouge they call ramble away

I said pretty Nancy donít smile on my face
But she answered by going away from this place
So to find her I rambled through fair Lincolnshire
I vowed I would find her the devil knows where

So all you young lasses where ever you be
Come find pretty Nancy and send her to me
And all you young ramblers mind and take care
Remember the young man at Birmingham fair