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The Pirate Song

         C       G             C                F      
I'm a sailing man and I don't give a damn
               C               G                C
'Bout the wind or the wave or the weather
For life is rich on a pirate ship
So long as there's plenty of treasure
      C                     F
So haul away lads, haul away
       C                              G
The devil take us all to an early grave
C             F       C         G     
I'll live my life in my own way
           C                    G(F)       C
By the sword and the cannon's thunder

I left for sea at the age thirteen
Me head all full of adventure
But the captain's lash fell across my back
And I swore I'd kill that bastard

So late one night when the moon was bright
I found him as he lay sleeping
And then as a joke I cut his throat
And fed the son of a whore to the fishies

So if mayhaps you cross my path
You've one chance to surrender
And if you don't I'll cut your throat
And feed you to the fishies