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Molih Ta - Bulgarian

Molih ta, majcho i molih, nemozih da ta izmolja

Nemozih da ta izmolja, da ma ni glavish ni zenish

Da ma ni glavish ni zenish, barem juj saja godina

Barem juj saja godina, juj sova leto proleto

Juj sova leto proleto dorde ni dojde podzime

Dorde ni dojde podzima da sa zazbirat momine

Da sa zazbirat momine, momine na poprelkin

Leftera, da si pohodja, gizdilo da si ponosja

A ti ma majcho joglavi, joglavi, joshte jozeni

I begged you, mother, not to marry me off so young
Not in the spring or summer, 
Nor before the fall
When girls gather at dances,
And I could have gone freely in my adornments
But you didn't listen, 
And found me a bridegroom, too soon, mother

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