Songs > London River

London River


 D                            G           D
London River oh the London River
D                G           D
All the love I have Iíll give her
G                             Em
London River oh the London River
Em                  G  D
Thatís the river for me

The first time that I set my eyes upon her
Tell no lie upon my honor
Sights and sounds that made my heart a shiver
When I saw her on the London River

I signed with my master in the 1930ís
The hours were long and the work was dirty
Out in the Indies where the rum gets brewed
I had me a drop I got my kidneys stewed

I served for a while on the old Hearts Over
Some of those stewards theyíll blow you over
Lipstick and makeup and all that muck
They walk like a woman and they call you duck

--first verse--