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Jolly Tinker

There was a pretty maiden
She was going to a ball
       Am                                      G	
She saw a jolly tinker hammering tins against the wall


              Am          G
Mushem rare Bold Donnelly
Good enough says she
There's good blood in young Donnelly
Am       G       Am
He's the boy for me

He sauntered through the kitchen
And he sauntered through the hall
He sauntered through the parlor over knights and ladies all


This lady she went up the stairs
To dress and make a bed
In two steps he was after her and he knocked her on the head

She then came down the stairs
To bolt and lock the door
In two ticks he was after her and he knocked her on the floor

She then pulled out a whistle
And she blew it sharp and shrill
And eighteen of the old police came galloping o'er the hill

She then got him arrested
And he got nine months in jail
She went out behind his back with another one out on bail

First verse

If you're over 18 and you want to see the nasty, dirty, X-rated version of this song, go here, but don't say I didn't warn you.