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Heiland Soldier

The first verse is the only one that differs chord-wise.  All the other verses follow the pattern of the chorus.

Dm                                    C
Way up among yon heiland hills
Dm                        C   Dm
There lives a canny maiden
Dm                                                    C
And she's gone out on a fine summer's night
Dm                                C    Dm
To watch all the soldiers paradin'

Dm                                                        C
And they look so brave as they march away
Dm                                       C
The drums they rattle and the pipes they play
Dm                                                                 C
Which causes young Mary for to weep and to say
Dm                              C   Dm
I will follow my heiland soldier

But Mary dear, my wages are small
And what if in battle I should fall
I hae gang home to your heiland hall
Think no more on a soldier laddy

But I got twenty pounds all in the store
And I got a herd 'bout ten times more
And I'll give it all to the laddy I adore
And I'll follow my heiland soldier

First verse

Chorus x 2