Songs > Heather on the Moor

Heather on the Moor

As I roved out on a bright may morning
D                     G           A
Calm and clear was the weather
I chanced to roam some miles from home
  G             D           A           D
Among the beautiful blooming heather.


It's heather on the moor, over the heather
Over the moor among the heather
I chanced to roam some miles from home
Among the beautiful blooming heather
It's heather on the moor.

As I roved along with my hunting song
My heart was light as any feather
I met a pretty maid upon the way
She was tripping the dew down from the heather.

Where are you going to my pretty fair maid
Over hill or dale come tell me whether
Right modestly she answered me
To the feeding of my lambs together.

We both shook hands and down we sat
It being the finest day in summer
We sat till the red setting beams of the sun
Came sparkling down among the heather.

Now she says I must  away
My lambs and sheep have strayed from the other
But I am loath to part from you
As those fond lambs are to part from their mother.

Up she rose and away she goes
Her name and place I know not either
But if I was king I'd make her queen
The lass I met among the heather.