Songs > There's Nothing Can Equal a Good Woman Still

There's Nothing Can Equal a Good Woman Still

        C                G                 C                  G
You sweet pretty lasses where e'er you may be
         C             G              C          G
Now just pay attention and listen to me
   C        G                   C               G
I will not offend you depend on my word
         C             G                  C              G
I will sing you a verse or two such as I've heard

       C                   G              C                   F
The men they may bother and say what they will
                 C                F          G                 C
But there's nothing can equal a good woman still

I saw that a woman is the pride of the land
We know that they're the joy and the comfort of man
A man may as well put an end to his life
As to think to live single without a good wife

You men that are single just listen to me
I'll sing you some words that are plain for to see
If you wish to enjoy the comforts of life
Don't delay but look out for a good tempered wife

There is many a man now it's plain to be seen
That growls if his wife wears a hoop crinoline
But why not be happy then things would go right
And let the dear woman wear just what she likes

Now, all that's around me, you hear what I say
You that are single be sure don't delay
Get married with speed for you'll find that's your plan
As a woman's the joy and the pride of the land