Songs > Flat River Raftsman

Flat River Raftsman

 I'm a heartbroken raftsman, from Greensville I came
      F         C                    Am       F
All mirth is departed, from joys I'll refrain
From the small darts of cupid that gave me such grief
      F                   C                   G        C
My heart's broke asunder, I can get no relief

My work is a-rafting where the Flat River rolls
My name is engraved on the rocks and sand shoals
Through shops, bars and households I'm very well known
They call me Jack Haggerty, the pride of the town

I'll tell you my troubles without more delay
Of the sweet little lassie my heart stole away
She's a blacksmith's fair daughter from the Flat River's side
And I always intended to make her my bride

I took her to suppers, to parties and balls
With Sunday boat riding, our first early calls
She told me she loved me as we stole through the town
And her voice was as clear as the rise of the morn

I dressed her in mulin, silk, satin and lace
With the finest of jewels her hands I embraced
I gave her my wages each month to keep safe
Begrudged her of nothing I had on this earth

I worked on the river and earned quite a stake
I was steadfast and steady, I ne'er played the rake
I was thrilled and was happy on the burning white stream
The thought of sweet Anna, it haunted my dreams

One day on the river, a letter I received
She said from her promise herself she'd relieved
To marry another she'd a long time delayed
And the next time I'd see her, she no more be a maid

On her mother, Jane Tucker, I lay all the blame
For she caused her to leave me and slandered my name
To cast off the riggings that God would soon tie
And to leave me a rambler till the day that I die

So come all you bold raftsmen, kindhearted and true
Don't trust a woman, you're beat if you do
If ever you see one with a brown chestnut curl
Just think of Jack Haggerty and the Flat River girl