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Fanny Blair

D                            F                      D                  F
Come all you young maidens where ever you may be
    D                  F                  D
Beware of false swearing and false perjury 
      G               D               G      D          F
For by a young maiden I'm wounded full soon
          D               F                D
You'll see I'm cut down in the height of my bloom

Twas last Monday morn as I lay in my bed
A young man came to me and these words he said
"Rise up Thomas Hegran and fly you else where
For vengeance is sought by the young Fanny Blair

Young Fanny Blair she is eighteen years old
And as I must die now the truth I'll unfold
I never stole with her in all my life time
It's a hard thing to die for another man's crime

The day of my trial squire Vernon was there
And onto the table they handed Miss Blair
False oaths she's a-swearing I'm shamed for to tell
The judge cried, "There's someone has tutored you well."

The day that young Hegran was doomed for to die
The people rose up with a murmuring cry
"If we catch her we'll crop her, she falsely has sworn
Young Hegran dies innocent, we're all of us sure."

There's one favor more that I beg of my friends
To take me to Bloomsfield one night by themselves
And bury my body in Marylemould
I pray that the great God will pardon my soul