Songs >Dirty Jolly Tinker

Dirty Jolly Tinker

There was a jolly tinker
And he came from Dungaree
With a yard and a half of foreskin 
Hanging down below his knee


              Am          G
With his long dong diddly-whacker
Over grown kidney cracker
Mother fucking baby fetcher
Am       G       Am
Hanging to his knees
My lady she was dressing
Dressing for the ball
When she saw the jolly tinker 
Lashing piss against the wall

"Oh tinker, oh tinker
I'm in love with you
Oh tinker, dear tinker
Will half a dollar do?"

He screwed her in the kitchen
And he fucked her in the hall
The servants cried, "By Jesus
He'll be cramming on us all."

There were fifty naked women
Running up and down the hall
Shouting, "Jesus Christ, Almighty
Is he gonna fuck us all?"

"Oh daughter, dear daughter
You were a silly fool
To get busy with a man
With a tool like a mule"

"Oh mother, dear mother
I thought that I was able
But he split me up the belly 
From my cunt up to my navel."

Said the mother to the daughter
"Why you are a goddamn whore!
If he gave you twenty inches
You would ask for twenty more."