Songs > Death Or Glory Wassail

Death Or Glory Wassail

      G                       C                   G
Wassail Wassail, we know you're about
                  Am         D            G                          D
Though you sit in the dark and pretend that you're out
              G              D             G                  D
If you're thinking of calling the police to give chase
      G                 C         D              G
Just who do you think is playing the bass

Wassail Wassail, all over the town
We are all Wassailers of fame and renown
Open your doors and fill up our cup
Or we'll sing through your window until you cough up

Wassail Wassail, all over your garden
If we've done damage then we beg your pardon
We're sorry to call upon you so late
But we had to pick the lock on your gate

Wassail Wassail, that you may believe
Tis more blessed to give than it is to receive
The more that you give the more blessed are you
The more we receive the less damage we'll do


Wassail Wassail, with a crisp ten pound note
We can all drink your health down at the Old Goat
If you haven't a tenner two fivers will do
If not things don't look very healthy for you

Wassail Wassail, all over for now
Now you've seen sense we will make no more row
Peace be upon you all at your repose
And we'll come no more nigh you until the pubs close