Songs > Dead Cat on the Road

Dead Cat on the Road

Am                              G
Walked out of this bar, got inside my car
D                                          Em
I thought I would go far, but I squished this cat into the tar
So I scraped the little kitty up off of the tar
And I stuck him in a box in the back of my car

Oh, dead cat on the road, dead cat on the road
To this my song is ode, dead cat on the road

Now hunting for cats is my obsession
Just trying to make a few good cat impressions
I save a lot of money in my interest
I'm an amatuer taxidermist


I saw this woman, gave me an erection
So I thought I'd show her my dead cat collection
I said there, Baby won't you come with me
Bring your cat along, we'll do some taxidermy


She worked for the SPCA, now I'm here to stay
Locked and put away


Written by Tucker, Tucker, Bloom, Bennett, and Anderson