Songs > Darby Ram

Darby Ram
   Am        G          Am
As I went down to Darby
     Am   G        Am
All on a market day
  Am         G         Am
I spied the biggest ram sir
        Dm                   G
That ever was fed on hay

             C                        G
And itís true me lads, itís true me lads
Am             G            Am
I never was known to lie
          Am            G          Am
And if youíd have been to Darby
           Dm                   G  Am
Youíd seen it the same as I

The horns on this ram sir
They reached up to the moon
And a little boy went up in January
And he didnít come down till June

The tail on this ram sir
It reached down into hell
And the devil, he grabbed a hand of it
And rang the fire bell

It took all the men in Darby
To carry away its bones
It took all the women in Darby
To roll away its stones

The man that fed this ram sir
He mustíve been very rich
And the singer of this song sir
Heís a lying sonofabitch