Songs > Ball of Yarn

Ball of Yarn

         D                              A7                D
One sunny morn in May as I was on my way
      D                             A7
To visit my grandfather's farm
    D                             G                D
I spied a pretty maid a-restin' in the shade
              D                    A7             D
She was winding up her little ball of yarn

           G                D
Ball of yarn, ball of yarn
              D                    G               A
She was winding up her little ball of yarn
Oh the blackbird and the thrush
They sang out from every bush, 
                  A7                                  D
"Keep your hands off her little ball of yarn."

A pretty girl was May as she lay there in the hay
The scene it was so quiet and so calm
So I sat down where she lay and unto her I did say
"May I wind up your little ball of yarn?"

"No, kind sir," says she, "you're a stranger unto me
Though to other girls you may possess some charm
You'd better go your way and come back some other day
To wind up my little ball of yarn."

But then I took my love down to some shady grove
And I never meant to do her any harm
For the blackbird and the thrush they came out from every bush
To remind her of her little ball of yarn

Ten months have passed and gone since I met my fair young one
Then I met her with a baby on her arm
But she didn't know twas me till I told her I was he
Who had wound up her little ball of yarn

Now come all you young and old, take a warning when you're told
Never rise too early in the morn
Be like the blackbird and the thrush, keep one hand on your bush
And the other on your little ball of yarn