Songs > Back and Sides

Back and Sides

     D                        A               D
Iíd just as soon be a beggar as a King
      G                               D
The reason Iíll tell you for why,
    G                                    D              Bm
A King cannot swagger nor drink like a beggar
            G        A           D
Nor be half so happy as I.

Let the back and sides go bare me boys
Let the hands and feet go cold
But give to the belly boys beer enough
Wither it be new or old

Iíve a sixpence in me pocket and Iíve worked hard for it
Kind landlord here it is
Neither state nor church (Turk) shall make me work
While the beggingís as good as it is

Sometimes we call at a noblemanís (the Senator's) hall and beg for bread and for beer
Sometimes we are lame
Some times we are blind
Sometimes too drunk (deaf) to hear

Sometimes we lie like hogs in a sty
With a flock of straw on the ground
Sometimes eat a crust that has rolled in the dust
And weíre happy that it can be found