Songs > A Young Girl and an Old Man

A Young Girl and an Old Man

A fair young maid with cheeks of red
And hair so brown and curly
          Am                    F
To an old man she was set to wed
   G                  C
Upon a day so early

With me tur-lie oh
Fol the diddle doe
Am                           G        C
Whack for the tur-lie laddie-oh

The day before their wedding day
She told him she was leaving
She’d packed her things without delay
And would be gone by evening

Why, cried he, where will you go
Said she, I love another
Who, cried he, someone I know
Said she, it is your brother

Said she, you’ve grown too old for me
Your age is twice times mine
You’re balding and can barely see
For youth I truly pine

Said he, you are a silly young thing
For can’t you plainly see
My brother is my twin which means
He’s the self same age as me

Megan 12/2001