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Here's a list of some of the songs that we perform. If there's a song we do that you'd like to see typed up, tell me.
An * after a song indicates Dickens Fair material.
Also! Check out our tunes section (small though it is right now)

Back and Sides
Ball of Yarn *
Bedlam Boys
Black Boys on Mopeds
Buxom Lass
Byker Hill
The Cat Came Back
Chicken on a Raft
Christmas Eve is Here
Cluck Old Hen
Cocaine Blues
Cornish Wassail *
Country Life
Cruiscin Lan
Cuckoo's Nest *
Dance With Your Legs
   In the Air

Darby Ram
Dead Cat on the Road
Death or Glory Wassail *
Do You Love an Apple?
Fanny Blair
Fhir A Bhata
Fiddler's Green
Finnegan's Wake
The Fisherman's Song
Flat River Raftsman
General Taylor (Stormy)
Gloustershire Wassail
Gower Wassail
Gypsy Rover
Hal an Toe
Health to the Company
Heather on the Moor
Heiland Soldier *
Hills of Connemara
I Can Hew *
I Saw Three Ships *
Jack the Rambling Soldier *
Jolly Beggarman
Jolly Tinker
Johnny Be Fair
King Henry
The Little Man Song
Lolly Lo
London River *
Mad Man Blues
Mairi's Wedding
Married Molly *
Mattie Groves
Mick McGuire
The Microorganism
Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake *
Molih Ta
Nelson's Blood
Oh No
Pera Stous Peras Kambous
Pirate Song
Ramble Away
Rambling Rover
Robin Hood
Sex and the Single Girl *
Son Mi Dojde
Son Oh Son
Star of the County Down
Step it Out, Mary - New
Sto Mi E Milo
Take Her in Your Arms
Tell Me Ma
There's Nothing Can Equal a
   Good Woman Still

Three Drunken Maidens
To a Beggin'
Trugnala Rumjana
Twa Corbies
We Never Mention Aunt Clara *
We've Been A-while

Whiskey in the Jar
Whiskey You're the Devil
Wiellia Wallia (The Babby Song) *
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
A Young Girl and an Old Man - New
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