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Musicians, dancers and actors in one fell swoop.
About Us


About Us
A long time ago, let's say around 1989, there were some people who liked playing music, dancing, and acting out. They liked it so much in fact that they started a group called the Travellers' Union Theatrical Company, which then began touring around California, playing anywhere that people wouldn't kick them out. This went on for a long time. In fact, it's still going on. Only bigger and better.

In short, we're a Sacramento-based group of musicians, dancers, and actors who are talented, fun, creative, and energetic, just to name a few nice adjectives. We've performed in large venues and small, including weddings, personal parties, Renaissance and Victorian Faires, corporate conferences, conventions, fundraisers, and festivals. We can tailor our group size and style to match your event, whether you want a few musicians to add ambience to your garden party, or a boisterous crowd of singing, costumed actors.

So, what's the deal with Rats in the Haggis? Rats in the Haggis is what we call ourselves when we're a music only group. The group is a small off shoot of Travellers' Union, and tends to stick to smaller venues, such as weddings, pubs, cafes, bookstores, and other such events. To book either of these groups, please see our contact page.
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